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Showcase long and beautiful eyelashes!

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There is something we love as women: Wear our eyelashes as long as possible.

Now the detail is that not all of us have been lucky to have long eyelashes, but It's OK! That there is a solution for everything.

We give you 4 essential data, try it and you will see the great result you will get.


Aloe vera? Yes, you read that right! It promotes growth, moisturizes, stops its fall, strengthens them, has bactericidal and antioxidant effects. You can use it in gel form on your eyelashes during the day or at night The result is incredible!



Break the vitamin E capsules and apply the oil inside your eyelashes. What will you achieve? It encourages growth and renews hair follicles.




Protects and repairs the use of cosmetics, thoroughly cleans any residue. Use the infusion to prepare for drinking, wait for it to cool and apply on your eye.




Last, no less important and great moisturizing data is Vaseline, decreases the weakening and breakage of the eyelashes, increases their volume and length. You can apply it with cotton swab.

There are no more excuses. It is time to apply it!

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